A perfect combination of wellness and travel

Incense: From Nature, To Elegance

Sitting alone, With incense burning and poems around, Lu You, one of the greatest poets, read poems under the leisure atmosphere of incense. Imagine how graceful and romantic this is. The incense refined from natural plants and carefully selected by Nectar lets you immersed in the wonders of fragrance.

Tea: Meditate, To Purify Thoughts

Porcelain snowy white, Tea leaves floating within, Like the heart of Blossoms tasted by fairies With his words, Jiaoran has explained to us the freshness of tasting tea. The tea made by Nectar comes from Mount. Ling in Wuyi Mountains. With it’s heavy flavor and fashionable packaging, the tea is suitable for both friends and yourselves. Here in Nectar, enjoy romance, sit down and sip a little tea with us.

Rain: Respect Others, Cleanse Selves

Listen To drizzling, The lotus It’s smell A picture appears: the poet Tu Fu listens to the drizzle from the sky, reading poetry leisurely yet beautifully. Nectar considers Respect as the symbol of a wonderfully romantic scenery in life.

Snow: Super-spiritual, Live Freely

Through Spring, Through the yard, The white flakes, As the flying blossoms. The inspired words written by Hanyu enriched people’s wish towards a better life. Nectar aims at shaping a carefree and leisure lifestyle for people.

Moon: Chanting for things, Expressing for feelings

Inviting the moon to toast, Me, my shadow, and it are all as one. Li Po’s simple words express his deep sentimental feelings incisively and vividly. The moon has been the symbol of romance since ancient times. Nectar Life’s core is to set ourselves free. The body and heart will be together as one.

Wine: All as one, one as all

Enjoy wine and songs while we can, for life is short. We can see that Cao Cao was drunk and burst into laughter. What an open-hearted and free soul! Nectar Life advocates keeping the love for life no matter how time flies.

Blossoms: Beautify, Edify

It is only lotus that Blends green and red Which flowers and withers By nature. These words are written by Li Shang Yin to portray humanity through blossoms. The ancient poets prefer to express emotions through the description of flowers. Nectar Life elaborately creates floral collection, which intersperses every corner of Nectar, from bathing pools, flowers arragement to flower tea. Here, you can enjoy the happy life to the fullest.

Peace: Exploring, Pursuing

Tao Yuanming’s saying “While picking asters beneath the Eastern fence, My gaze upon the Southern mountain rests” This verse is famous through thousands of years. The travelling of Chinese people is of an implicit beauty. They walk through the world, walk through nature. Freedom is what they pursue. Nectar Life’s wellness projects are under the concept of romance, enabling every guest to find their inner self, to set free their heart.

Music: Super-nature, As Cultivation

Bai Juyi has written such poetry: hearing a trace of music while leaving any trivial matters behind. Music pleases others and ourselves. Live in Nectar, and music is in the air. Within the sound of a single string, the happiness fills your heart.